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Warning this is a bonus game, meaning you can play this game only if you have the miniclip tool-bar.
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Zombie Crypt was first released in 2011 on miniclip and its only playable by getting Minicip’s tool-bar. It was developed by Daa-Studios and the Software it used was Flixel, GIMP, DAME, sfxr, and flashdevelop. It currently only has 12 stages (or levels) to beat in this game. You can play as two characters one in a blue shirt the other in a green shirt. The Person in the green shirt has the controls of “WSDA” and the person in the blue shirt has the controls of the arrow keys. You’ll have to team up with both of the most common methods of playing to complete the game! Mostly if you get into trouble you can press the “R” button to retry the stage, and use the “P” button to pause the game or simply click outside the gaming area and it’ll be paused. Each Golden star is worth 50 points and there is a time limit you’ll that takes away 10 points on your score for every second your in the stage. On other websites you’ll see blood on the walls but miniclip somehow removed the blood, and they removed blood when the chapthers die and they also removed the blood when on the spinner. Removing the blood slauther is for the

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