Toys vs. Nightmares is a game on Miniclip. You are a kid and control an army of toys, including a general-like robot. You are fighting an army of nightmares, who are monsters.

Characters Edit

your army of toys contains:


toy robot

slimy frog


hungry dino

baby boom




slime catapult

double dino

doll house

illustrated book

kamikaze bear

race car

pirate ship

pop-up book

smart alien

plastic soldiers

elite plastic soldiers

The army of nightmares consists of:


shielded goblin

big bad wolf

evil witch


bomber goblin

aviator goblin

mini bogeyman


Game Play Edit

the platform is a carpet that you place toys on. Each row of squares also makes a row that the nightmares walk on. The toy box function can be used to remove toys. Some nightmares drop gold coins that can be used to buy bonus toys such as pop-up book, smart alien, and race car.

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