Fighter Pilot 2 is the sequel to Fighter Pilot and was released on September 2011.


The spacebar is used to shoot. Hint: For maximum firepower, hold the spacebar down.

The arrow keys are used to move.

The 'D' key is used to drop bombs.


Dawn PatrolEdit

You need to shoot down 2 planes

Barrage BalloonEdit

You need to shoot down 4 planes and shoot or bomb the barrage balloon. Hint: Bombing is easier

Behind Enemy LinesEdit

Destroy the 2 planes and AA guns


You need to shoot down the bombers and the 2 fighters


You get 2 allies and you need to destroy 6 planes


Fighter Pilot 2 BronzeEdit

This award is won by scoring 15,000 points.

Fighter Pilot 2 SilverEdit

This award is won by scoring 30,000 points.

Fighter Pilot 2 GoldEdit

This award is won by scoring 50,000 points.

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