Canyon Defense
Canyon Defence 0.6 Shape (7)
Release Date March 6, 2008
Levels 33 Stages.
Game Type Tower Defense
Genre Action
Websites Miniclip


Prequel/Sequel None
Credits ???

Canyon Defense is a single player game by Miniclip. It was published on March 6, 2008[1]. The game includes a 3 different maps to select, where enemy land vehicles move in a large canyon from one side to another. The player has to build cannons, in order to destroy the enemies before getting out of the screen. Also, enemy aircrafts fly from the top side of the screen to the buttom side, and special weapons can destroy them as well.
When killing an enemy, the player earns more money, that can be used for buying more cannons.
Different cannons can destroy different targets: aircrafts/ land vehicles, or both. Also, it is possible to build buildings, that give the player special abilities.
The player starts with a small sum of money, and 2 cannons only. Buy building more cannons and buildings, and accomplishing tasks, the player is able to unlock further weapons.

Cannons and BuildingsEdit


Cannon Anti Price Icon File
Missile Turret Ground 100 Canyon Defense Missilie Turret icon Canyon Defense Missile Turret ig
Howitzer Ground 200 Canyon Defense Howitzer icon Canyon Defense Howitzer ig
Tesla Tower Ground 500 Canyon Defense Tesla Tower icon Canyon Defense Tesla Tower ig
Gutling Laser Ground 800 Canyon Defense Gutling Laser icon Canyon Defense Gutling Laser ig
Nulificator Ground / Air 1000 Canyon Defense Nulificator icon Canyon Defense Nulificator ig


Cannon Anti Price Icon File
AA Gun Air 150 Canyon Defense AA Gun icon Canyon Defense AA Gun ig
Goo Cannon Ground / Air 200 Canyon Defense Goo Cannon icon Canyon Defense Goo Cannon ig
Chain Gun Ground 500 Canyon Defense Chain Gun icon Canyon Defense Chain Gun ig
Gauss Cannon Air 800 Canyon Defense Gauss Cannon icon Canyon Defense Gauss Cannon ig
Oil Spray Ground 1000 Canyon Defense Oil Spray icon Canyon Defense Oil Spray ig


Building Description Price Icon File
Nuclear Silo Unlocks "Launch Missile" Ability $500 Canyon Defense Nuclear Silo icon Canyon Defense Nuclear Silo ig
Wall Factory Unlocks "Construct Wall" Ability $800 Canyon Defense Wall Factory icon Canyon Defense Wall Factory ig
Recycler +50% Reward (per Recycler) for Enemies Killed $900 Canyon Defense Recycler icon Canyon Defense Recycler ig
Radar Dome +10% Tower's Range, +10% Tower's Damage $1200 Canyon Defense Radar Dome icon Canyon Defense Radar Dome ig
Laboratory Unlocks "Stop Time" Ability $1250 Canyon Defense Laboratory icon Canyon Defense Laboratory ig


There are 3 abilities a total in the game. Each one of them can be unlocked by building a certain building. Once using one of them, a scope circle will show the effect range of the ability. When using an ability, it will not be available for a period of time.
When clicking the "Play" button after a round is over, a large amount of the total time left will be removed.

Launch MissileEdit

The ability to launch a single powerful missile to anywhere in the canyon.

Construct WallEdit

The ability to build large blocks to block paths from enemy moving. It does not allow blocking the entire canyon, but allows extending the enemies' route, and making short range cannons effective.

Stop TimeEdit

This ability allows freezing all enemies in the ability's range for a couple of seconds.


Another ability is to sell cannons and buildings. However, it does not require waiting for it to be used, or buying buildings. Every item sold will add 50% of its original price to the money sum the player has.


UnitCash Reward


Cash Reward

(lv. 2)

Cash Reward


Cash Reward


Cash Reward

(lv. 5)

Tiny $20 $30 $40 $50 $60 Canyon Defense ground enemy 01
Small $50 $75 $100 $125 $150 Canyon Defense ground enemy 02
Medium $85 $128 $170 $213 $255 Canyon Defense ground enemy 03
Big $120 $180 $240 $300 $360 Canyon Defense ground enemy 04
Tiny $30 $45 $60 $75 $90 Canyon Defense air enemy 01
Small $75 $112 $148 $185 $221 Canyon Defense air enemy 02
Medium $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 Canyon Defense air enemy 03

Enemy upgradesEdit

Enemies have 2 possible upgrades. The first is enemy level. The higher the enemy's level is, the more health it has. Enemy levels range from Lv.1 to Lv.5. As enemy level increase, both health and reward increases.
Also, some enemies have upgrades. These upgrades make harming them more difficult. Enemies can have upgrades in all levels, however, an enemy cannot have more than 1 upgrade.

  • Autorepair- the ability to regain health. Enemies with Repair upgrade can repair their health in a low rate, and they can only be destroyed by hitting them in a larger rate until they have no lives left.
  • Fast- the ability to move faster. Sevelar cannos, such as the Missile Turret and the Howitzer, can only hit them if they are coming toards them slowly.
  • Shield- the ability to decrease cannon's damage.


There are many quests in the game. By accomplishing a certain task, the player will unlock an ability, like building new weapons.

Unlocks Task
Howitzer Launch missile from Nuclear Silo
Tesla Tower Build 5 Goo Cannons
Gutling Laser Destroy 40 flying eenmies
Nulificator Build Laboratory
Goo Cannon Destroy 5 flying enemies
Chain Gun Collect 1000$
Gauss Cannon Build Radar Dome
Oil Spray Construct 10 walls
Nuclear Silo Build 5 Missile Turrets
Wall Factory Build 15 towers/ structures
Recycer Build 3 Chain Guns or Tesla Towers
Radar Dome Build 7 AA Guns
Laboratory Build 2 Wall Factories

Miniclip awardsEdit

Award How to obtain Image
Canyon Defense By destroying all 50 waves of the enemies from the right hand map on hard mode. Libraries Award 65



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