Asgard is a miniclip award game. The hero wants Huginn and Muninn egg, who have gathered all knowledge and wisdom.


Coin Points Image
Gold 100 Asgard Coin Gold
Silver 50 Asgard Coin Silver
Bronze 10 Asgard Coin Bronze

Asgard StoryEdit

Clik the slideshow to watch the story of Asgard.


Award How to obtain Image
Asgard Bronze Start your journey to Asgard, be careful though, it is not an easy road to travel. Score 5000 points in order to win the Asgard Bronze Award! Libraries Awards 437
Asgard Silver Give your best to overcome the obstacles on your way to Asgard and score 9,000 in order to win the Asgard Silver Award! Libraries Awards 436
Asgard Gold Make your way to Asgard and get the Golden Egg while scoring 14,000 points in order to win the Asgard Gold Award! Libraries Awards 435


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