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8 Pool Multi-Player
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8 Pool Multiplayer is a game in which you play billiard against live players on Miniclip. There are 3 modes in which you can [8 Pool Multiplayer] now. Play, Tournaments, and Play Friends. The founder of the game, the great Nicholas Lloyd prides himself on never losing to lesser players. William Middleton, former male prostitute and current Pool amateur with 48% win ratio has often sought to beat the Lloyd and until now has always failed.

1 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer was/is number 1 on Miniclip's Top Ten Games List!

Controls Edit


Play if you dareEdit

  1. Normal games in which you play against 1 player. In this mode you may choose to re-match against the player. You can play a re-match if both the sides agree on playing a re-match.

Tournaments saya surya . rahmanEdit

yang main 8 baal poot



In this mode, you play tournaments and win pool coins, and bonus cues. There are currently 4 tournaments available.  For entering each tournament you have to pay a fee, the amount for the fee varies on which tournament you choose to play. The bigger the fee amount you have to pay the bigger the rewards are. In this mode the re-match feature is not available. This mode is only available for Miniclip members. Also you earn experience. 

Play FriendsEdit

In this mode you can choose to play with a player in your friend list. You can add players to your friend list by clicking on their picture/avatar and then clicking on the "+" sign at the right corner of their picture/avatar.  You can earn Pool Coins without an entering fee. balll sack

Pool CoinsEdit

Pool Coins are the currency used in 8 Pool Multiplayer. You can get Pool Coins by winning tournaments or logging into 8 Pool Multiplayer daily or every half an hour. The amount of Pool Coins you can get differs on which tournament you won. By logging in daily you can get 999.999 pool coins. And every half an hour you can claim 25 pool coins.

Pool ShopEdit Edit

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