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The Game Is Broken Edit

8 Pool Multi-Player
8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Screen1
Levels 100
Game Type Credits
Genre Awards
Websites Miniclip

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Prequel/Sequel None

Miniclip added a "cue charge" feature in which you have to pay coins to recharge your cue. The charge fees are not only too frequent (they are required after every 50 shots with a cue) but also extremely overpriced, practically forcing players to buy coins with real money. For instance, players who saved up tens of thousands of coins before this update to buy an expensive cue can no longer afford to use it as it can cost upwards of 10,000 coins every 50 shots! 

Win pool coins, and bonus cues. There are currently 4 tournaments available.  For entering each tournament you have to pay a fee, the amount for the fee varies on which tournament you choose to play. The bigger the fee amount you have to pay the bigger the rewards are. In this mode the re-match feature is not available. This mode is only available for 8 ball pool members. Also you earn experience. 

Play FriendsEdit

Pool CoinsEdit

Pool Coins are the currency used in 8 Pool Multiplayer. You can get Pool Coins by winning tournaments or logging into 8 Pool Multiplayer daily for a daily spin which can reward you with pool coins. And every you can claim 100 pool coins


Pool ShopEdit Edit

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